The Culture Diet

Why hello there, and welcome! The Culture Diet is a semi-weekly essay I send out on Sundays, containing my opinions and analyses on culture (broadly speaking). I draw inspiration from what I read, see, watch, or listen to, and I link you to those things. What I write is deeply interdisciplinary. The tone is at turns confessional, academic-ish, meditative, and a little funny. What motivates most entries is righteous outrage and a search for affirmation in equal measure; I write only about things I care about.

Why the name Culture Diet, you ask? I think cultural consumption (again, broadly speaking) is nourishment. And like a typical diet—in the sense of things habitually consumed, not a special or restrictive regimen—it’s varied (and with varying degrees of nourishment). We eat multiple times a day, and therefore think constantly about what to consume; same goes for all the things we choose to watch, listen to, experience, and read. The Culture Diet seeks to pay mindful attention to those choices (namely, mine), to slow down and reflect upon the larger forces at work within and beyond the content.

About the author: Sara Softness

I am an independent curator and writer in NYC, where I was born and raised. I worked in the art world for a decade, at the Guggenheim, the Brooklyn Museum, and most recently as the Director of The Walther Collection. I speak a couple languages and have ambitions to leave New York; I’m so far pretty unsuccessful at that. Maybe I will, eventually, one day.

And I LOVE hearing from readers! Be in touch for any reason and it’ll be my pleasure to respond.